Celebrating Motherhood

Tara ButterworthDave Sartain, Sermon

Weekend Message by Dave Sartain

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🎉 Welcome to the kickoff of our new series, “Celebrating Life’s Milestones”! In today’s message, we dive deep into the significance of Motherhood as we begin to look at some of life’s milestones. Drawing inspiration from Deuteronomy 6, we uncover the importance of intentional family discipleship. Join us as we journey through key biblical passages, reflecting on how they shape our understanding of motherhood and the importance of mom. Plus, we delve into the science behind motherhood, exploring fascinating insights into brain changes during pregnancy and postpartum. Throughout this series, we’ll celebrate pivotal events like Baby Dedications, Graduations, Baptisms, and Father’s Day, recognizing God’s hand in every milestone. So, whether you’re a parent or not, this series is for you! Let’s embrace the beauty of God’s design and celebrate the significant moments that shape our lives. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to reflect, rejoice, and honor the milestones that mark our journey of faith.