Throughout the biblical record, God uses high stakes adventure to call out and get hold of a man. Abraham, Moses, David; Peter, Matthew, Paul—all swept up into great adventures by the wild design of God. Christianity is not an invitation to be a really nice guy; it is an invitation into a “larger story” in which you play a decisive role.

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A battle to fight

An adventure to live

A beauty to rescue

Larger Story

These are the core desires panting deep in the heart of every man. From the Amazon to Parliament, from the academy to the factory, these desires are universal, true for every man. And they are essential in order to live life as a man; they provide the power for his life. Misplaced, forgotten, or misdirected, they do not go away; they go underground and surface later in anger, addiction, compulsion. You pay a high price when you neglect these desires.

So that the man of God may be complete, equipped for every good work.
- 2 Timothy 3:17

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