The Good Life: Part 2

Tara ButterworthJames Hess, Sermon

Weekend Message by James Hess

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The Good Life:

In today’s sermon at Grace Community Church, we delve into the transformative power of moving from a Me-Centered life to a God-Centered Life through the practice of Spiritual Disciplines. Drawing from Jeremiah 17:5-9 and 1 Timothy 4:6-10, we explore the contrast between a life following ourselves and the abundant life promised by God. As we navigate the complexities of sin and distorted views of the good life, we discover that true freedom and peace come from trusting in Jesus and aligning our lives with God’s Word. Join us as we explore the significance of prayer and studying God’s Word in our journey toward spiritual growth and fulfillment. Experience the power of surrender and obedience as we seek to live out the Gospel in our daily lives.