Start building the relationships God wants you to have with 2 hours, 4 questions, and 6 women.

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What's the Purpose of a Party of 6 Group?

We're skipping the small talk here ladies! The goal of this group isn't just to hang out and chit-chat. This is the real deal. We'll be fighting past the awkward and finding true authenticity together.
Be prepared to make deeper connections within the body of Christ! This group will be a place where you'll find plenty of opportunities for God to display His love to other women through you and to you.

What to Expect

What are Party of 6 groups like? This is a 12-month commitment to your group. You'll have the opportunity to sign up for a group that meets on a day of the week that will be easy for you to attend each month. You'll meet once a month with 5 other ladies, and most group meetings will last at least 2 hours.
Your awesome group leader will facilitate the discussion starting with a devotion, scripture, and then 4 prompt questions. This discussion time is where you'll be digging deep!
Are these groups fun? Yes! Building community and cultivating authentic friendships requires time and commitment. These groups are not designed to be a "drop by and hang out if you can make it" casual gathering. Meeting dates and times will be set for the year and all group members are expected to show up and participate.
Whether you gather together in a coffee shop or restaurant, in a home, or at a nature park, it will be a time of a great discussion and bonding!

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Leading a Group

We'd love it if you would prayerfully consider leading a group!
Party of 6 leaders will facilitate each group session. What does that mean? That means the Party leader will be responsible for organizing the date, time, and location each month for the ladies in their group to meet. They will also be responsible for printing out or accessing the devotional and questions each month. How do you do that? It’s easy! You just create an account at IF Gathering and you will gain access to all the IF Table content. You will receive an email each month with the content that we will be using. You can either print it out or use the mobile option to discuss the content.
Leader Qualifications:
Must have accepted Christ as their Lord and Savior
Must have attended Grace for 1 year
Must be a partner at Grace
Signup at the link below if you're interested in being a leader!

Lead a Group

If you have any questions about the Grace Women's Ministry, please reach out to our Women's Events Coordinator, Chrisandra Brown at:

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