Summer impact groups have ended but we’ve got an enCORE for you! 


What is enCORE?

  • A 3 week experience that takes place on Tuesday nights at 6:30pm here at the church on September 6, 13, and 20. 


  • 5 tracks for you to choose from: Parenting, Evangelism, Care, Connect, and Discipleship.


  • Each week we will have childcare!

Why should you sign up for one of these enCORE experiences?


  • Each class is led by one of our pastors and has been prayerfully crafted to help you get the most out of these 3 weeks. You’ll deepen your relationship with God and grow spiritually!


  • Stay connected. We all really miss our impact groups in-between semesters. This is a great opportunity to keep that habit of meeting mid-week with other believers, make new friends, and enjoy that fellowship.


  • With 5 tracks to choose from, we know one of them is just right for you at this moment. 


Get the details on each class below and click on the link to sign up


Parenting: Childhood 2.0 with Pastor Dave

When we were growing up, our parents worried about stranger danger and whether or not we were home by the time the streetlights came on. But for parents raising the first generation of kids with smartphones, everything is different. Childhood 2.0 takes a deep dive into what coming of age really looks like today — and just how much things have changed thanks to technology and social media.

Learn how access to social media and ever-evolving technology creates new issues that past generations didn’t have to face, including cyberbullying, near-instant access to porn, online predators, a rise in child suicide, and more.

This enCORE series should be required for parents of all kids (preschool through high school). We’ll watch the Childhood 2.0 documentary together and then discuss how as Christians we should protect our kids, equip them to navigate these new challenges, and model Biblical responses and behavior. Sign up here to attend!

Missions: The Long Game with our Pastor Emeritus, Nacho

Yes, engaging in missions and the Great Commission involves one-day and short-term trips. But it’s more than just going on these outings. Being “on mission” is a lifestyle that few feel equipped for and even less know where to start.

Come and hear from someone who has lived “on mission” for years and is not letting up even in retirement. Yes! Nacho is back! Nacho Pecina will lead us through a three-week training on how to abide in God, share the love of Jesus in a way that connects, and keep the zeal and passion for the Lord regardless of what season of life you find yourself it. Learn how the play the long game when it comes to missions in your life. Sign up here to attend!


Care: The Power of 3 with Pastor Nelson

How to create a balance of Physical, Spiritual, and Emotional Health. Exhaustion, stress, anxiety, and depression are front and center when it comes to matters of health in our culture.  Could it be that we need to create a balance of physical, spiritual, and emotional health? Join us for this class to find out! Sign up here to attend.


Discipleship: Worldview with Pastor Hunter

Have you ever wondered how people who all live in the same world, country, state, city, or even family together can have such different understandings of the world? Or how even Christian brothers and sisters can have such significantly different beliefs and values? Think of worldview as a pair of glasses by which you filter everything about life, the world, and reality. While we all might be receiving the same data, we all process it through different lenses. Your worldview affects everything you believe and every decision you make. This is how people who all belong to the same world can see it in such vastly different ways. Join us as we take a 3 week look at worldview and learn how to understand our own worldview, recognize others worldviews, and how worldview is not only relevant but also extremely important to the work of the gospel. Sign up here to attend!


Connect: Next Steps with various speakers

Regardless of whether you’ve been a Christ-follower for 24 hours or 24 years, there’s always an opportunity for growth.  At Next Steps, you’ll discover ways to grow in your relationship with Christ, connect in Biblical Community, and identify and live out the purpose God created you for! Sign up here to attend


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Sep 06 - 20 2022


6:30 pm - 8:00 pm


Grace Community Church
Building B


Pastor Ryan
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701 Kitty Hawk Rd
Universal City, TX 78148