Summer impact groups are ending but we’ve got an enCORE for you! 


What is enCORE?

  • A 3 week experience that takes place on Tuesday nights at 6:30pm here at the church on August 29, September 5, and September 12.  



  • Each week we will have childcare!

Why should you sign up for one of these enCORE experiences?


  • Each class is led by a pastor and/or Grace staff and has been prayerfully crafted to help you get the most out of these 3 weeks. You’ll deepen your relationship with God and grow spiritually!


  • Stay connected. We all really miss our impact groups in-between semesters. This is a great opportunity to keep that habit of meeting mid-week with other believers, make new friends, and enjoy that fellowship.


  • With 3 tracks to choose from, we know one of them is just right for you at this moment. 


Get the details on each class below and click on the link to sign up


Biblical Theology 101 with Pastor James

This three-week enCORE class will be an interactive learning experience that upholds the unity of the Old and New Testaments. Pastor James will guide the conversation as we cover what Biblical Theology is. This class will enrich your understanding of how the Bible’s different books contribute to its overall message so that we can have a deeper appreciation of His Word. Topics include What is Biblical Theology, God as Creator, New creation in Christ, and God as Recreator. Sign up here to attend!


Parenting: Awkward Conversations with Pastor Dave

Stuff we don’t talk about at church (but should). Whether you want to think about it or not, your kids hear messages about sex and gender identity almost every day—yes, YOUR kids, from preschool through high school. Not only through movies, tv, or from their friends, but also from trusted adults, like their teachers or their friends’ parents. But those messages often don’t line up with God’s Word and His beautiful plan for them. You need to know what they are hearing, and you need to be equipped with the knowledge (both scientific and scriptural) to understand and guide your kids in these areas. Sign up here to attend.


Next Steps with Kathi Stewart

Regardless of whether you’ve been a Christ-follower for 24 hours or 24 years, there’s always an opportunity for growth.  At Next Steps, you’ll discover ways to grow in your relationship with Christ, connect in Biblical Community, and identify and live out the purpose God created you for! Sign up here to attend


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Aug 29 2023


6:30 pm - 8:00 pm


Grace Community Church
701 Kitty Hawk Rd, Universal City, TX


Pastor Ryan
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Grace Community Church
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