Few people anticipate the agony an individual may go through following an abortion. The physical and emotional stress can be devastating and often surfaces months or even years afterward. 

The Abortion Recovery group at Grace is a compassionate, confidential and safe group that will meet for 8 weeks going through the book “Forgiven and Set Free” by Linda Cochrane. We desire to come alongside both women  and men to bring their emotional scars of abortion "out of the dark past and into His holy light," where true and lasting healing can take place.

There is forgiveness, healing, and hope after abortion!


This group is for both women and men who have experienced abortion.


Love and Support

This Abortion Recovery Group was created to share a safe space with others who have gone through the same experience.  We take a Biblical approach to discover true healing and freedom in Christ. This group is a safe, confidential and non-judgmental place for you to share your feelings, fears and questions.

This group will be facilitated by Dora Esparzawho has had an abortion herself and has experienced the forgiveness and healing that only Christ can provide.  Listen to Dora’s testimony here.

Biblical Resources 

This group will be using the Bible, and two books during our time together: 

1. “Forgiven and Set Free” by Linda Cochrane. This is post-abortion bible study has helped countless numbers of women who have undergone an abortion to heal emotionally and spiritually. No matter what drives a woman to end a pregnancy, there are physical, psychological, and spiritual side effects most don't anticipate. Feelings of guilt, shame, and grief become a heavy burden, and many women feel that they will never be free, that no one understands, that God will never forgive them.

But there is hope.

Linda Cochrane has been there. Forgiven and Set Free was developed out of her experience of being freed from the bondage of guilt and grief that followed her own abortion. With an understanding spirit and a gentle hand, she guides hurting women to bring their emotional scars "out of the dark past and into his holy light" where true and lasting healing can take place. Cochrane delves into the Scriptures to offer help with issues such as relief, denial, anger, forgiveness, depression, letting go, and acceptance.

For every woman yearning for the peace of God's forgiveness, this study can be the first step to healing and wholeness.

2.“A Journey In Ramah” by Synda Masse. This is a 70-day, daily devotional for women working through the healing process after abortion. It is an ideal companion to any abortion recovery program as it helps individuals understand the mindset of women enduring the grieving process of healing. 

Abortion Recovery will begin meeting again in the fall of 2021. Please click the button below if you have any questions or if we can come alongside you in any way.

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