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Thanks for checking out the online broadcast options. Head on over to live.discovergrace.church to watch the service and engage with others who are a part of our online community. 

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Grace Community Church relies on your generosity to carry out its Mission, and Vision.

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This Week's Video and Lesson

Group Activity/Parent Cue


This Week's Video and Lesson

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    We are asking you to go on a spiritual journey with God and your family - to take the biggest steps of generosity you've ever taken.

    Commitment Form
    • 01 Pray fervently

      Pray that God would multiply our efforts to make disciples and fulfill the Great Commission. Pray that He would do abundantly more than we ask or imagine for His great name.

    • 02 commit fully

      Help us reach our goal of 100% engagement in UNFINISHED. Stand side by side with your church-family. Commit to do what God asks. Put your “Yes!” on the table.


      Attend each Sunday from October 13 through November 17. Engage in the UNFINISHED study with your Impact Group. Learn all you can about God’s heart and will for you and your resources.

    • 04 Give generously

      Ask God to show you what it looks like to give in a way that changes you. Take whatever steps are required to see it through.