During these unique days, we want to give you as much information and help as much as we possibly can while keeping you up-to-date on the ministry continuing to happen through Grace Community Church.

You can always stay connected with us online, through email, or by phone at 210-659-8200 (Pastor-on-Call 24-7 for emergencies).

As we continue to be unable to meet face-to-face, this page will serve as an information and ministry resources hub.

We are with you and here for you.

Stay Connected and Encouraged!

We have new, encouraging content every day! Stay connected on our Facebook page and at the Online Services page for daily devotional content along with other encouraging videos, messages, resources, and creative ideas for your family.


Financial Assistance from Grace - If you are in need of financial assistance during this time and would like to request help from us, please email us at

Community Resources

Our community is in this together! Here are a list of additional resources in our area that can also help assist you through this time.


Food, rental, prescriptions meds, and utilities assistance for people in 78108, 78109, 78124, 78132, 78148 78154, 78233-Live Oak only, 78247, 78266 from our partner, RACAP. For more info, visit

San Antonio Food Bank

Food and benefits assistance available from the San Antonio Food Bank.


If you find yourself unemployed or underemployed during this time, this is for you.


If you're a SNAP recipient, you can apply for a $50 refund from our partner, Expensify! Visit Expensify for info and instructions.

Small Businesses

Financial Assistance for Small Businesses and Non-Profits.

Assistance Programs

A great resource of helpful links for a wide array of assistance programs.