Our Student Ministry area (GYM) is geared directly towards 6th – 12th graders. This includes a Sunday morning experience, student-focused events and camps, family experiences, and mission opportunities. We know that this generation is unlike any other and we are here to help them understand who Jesus is and how they can have a relationship with Him as well as lead a Christ centered life.

Sunday Morning Experience

This Worship Experience is an exciting time just for students. It includes live worship, student specific teaching and games, followed by engaging small group discussion with consistent and passionate small group leaders.

Sunday Morning
10:30 – 11:30

Doors Open
5 Minute Countdown
Worship and Message Begins
Small Groups Begin
Service Ends

Daily Devotional

Have you ever had a pretend argument with someone in your head?
Like, you didn’t actually have the argument—everything was just playing
out in your mind. We’ve all been there! In the same way, we’ve probably
all also had arguments and fights with ourselves in our minds. Maybe
you missed a big shot in the game and so you beat yourself mentally. Or
maybe you failed an important test and so you repeatedly tell yourself
how stupid you must be. These kinds of negative thoughts can be
powerful. While they might be in our head, they can dramatically impact
the way we act and the way we see ourselves. Paul, who wrote today’s
verse, knew this, which is why he encourages us to take every thought
captive. Is there a lie you’ve been tempted to believe about yourself
lately? That you’ve messed up too much, that you’re worthless, that
you’re not smart, cool, or talented? Today, pray something like
this: “God, help me put a stop to this type of thinking. When
I’m tempted to believe a lie about myself, remind me of
what YOU say about me.”

Current Teaching Series

For most of us, when we hear the word “worship,” we think about singing songs at church. But could
there be more to worship than just music and words on a screen? In this series, we’ll find out what it
looks like to worship God with our whole lives. As we do, we’ll see that when we find the right rhythm
to our worship, we’ll also find ourselves walking in better rhythm with the God we’re worshiping.

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Upcoming GYM Events

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