Work Improvement, Part 4

Tara ButterworthDarren Stewart, Sermon

Weekend Message by Darren Stewart

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Join us for the continuation of our series, “Work Improvement,” where we explore how our relationship with God intersects with our careers. In this sermon, we’ll discuss the challenges of blending faith with work, especially in jobs that might not excite us, and how we can still operate in our God-given calling. We’ll dive into the concept of both macro and micro callings, referencing key scriptures such as Matthew 28:19-20 and Colossians 4:17, and discuss the spiritual gifts outlined in Romans 12. Whether you’re in a career, school, or volunteer role, this message will inspire you to thrive by using your unique gifts for God’s purpose. Discover how to make a difference at work, rebrand Christianity, and proudly walk in your faith.