Impact Groups are our small group Bible studies that meet throughout the week. Typically lasting between 8 and 12 weeks, groups gather throughout the community and provide a fantastic opportunity for you to dig deeper into your walk with God and connect with your church-family.

Discover How We are Better Together!

Join our church-wide Fall Impact Group study – 40 Days of Community! We’ll be exploring five purposes: fellowship, spiritual growth, service, worship, and sharing The Good News. Through this study, Rick Warren explains how God planned for Christians to fulfill His purposes in community with each other in our church families, small groups, and in the world as a whole. Why did God plan it this way? Because we’re better together!

40 Days of Community will deepen your understanding of how God uses community for your own good and growth, as well as help you cultivate deeper relationships with those around you. Learn to fulfill God’s purposes … discover how we are better together.

Sign Up Today! Groups Start the week of October 8th!

Available Groups Organized by Day of the Week


Group #1  6:30pm       Nacho & Sara Pecina                Universal City          This group is full

Group #2  6:30pm       Ryan & Brittany Gernand        Schertz                     This group is full

Group #3  7pm             Nate & Gretchen Williams       Universal City         This group is full


Group #4  7pm              Jim Abbott                                  Schertz

Group #6  7pm              Ryan & Candace Stephens       Schertz


Group #7  9am              Elaine Russo (women)               Universal City            Childcare Available

Group #8  6:30pm        Nate & Beth Bohn                       Cibolo                          Childcare Available

Group #9  7pm              Doug & Mary Dusenberry          Universal City

Group #5  7pm              Shane & Lisa Owen                   Cibolo


Group #10  6:30pm        Tim & Elaine Russo                  Schertz                       This group is full

Group #11  6:30pm        Shane House                             San Antonio                This group is full

Group #12  7pm              Dean & Deb Jeavons               Schertz                         This group is full

Group #13 7pm               David & Juli Wessies                Converse


Group #14 8:30am         Roy & Fran Daniels                   Universal City

Order your study guide here  and your devotional here.


Our Aim

We are a church that is not willing to go along with the status quo. We are not content when people live a life separate from God – when people are confused about their identity in Christ. Everything we do is crafted to invite people into a deeper walk with God and to connect them with those who are on the same path. The primary way this happens is through Impact Groups.

The Team

Leadership and spiritual development is very important to us, here at Grace. Pastors and staff facilitate groups, but mostly groups are lead by various church partners. Being a group facilitator is an excellent way to grow personally and also be a part of someone else’s development. If you would like to explore what it might look like for you to facilitate a group, please reach out to Nate Williams.